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About Us

Who We Are

Let us perform our part to achieve Sustainable Development Goals


Sukaar Foundation, an indigenous organization of Tharparkar is playing a pivotal role to uplift the lives of rural vulnerable masses through addressing income generation, livelihood, food security, nutrition, education, water, sanitation, health, hygiene and equity inclusion. SF started this journey 12 years earlier in the WASH sector, which further expanded to community empowerment through democratically federating them on village level platforms and promoting their self-driven collective efforts.
We are focused on bringing the SDG Agenda to the fore in all our interventions. Singularly motivated by the framework we have proactively adopted these Global Goals as our guiding compass to execute systemic change in Tharparkar. From zero hunger to no poverty to the provision of education and healthcare, our initiatives are designed to improve the quality of human life in a sustainable manner.
Sukaar is substantially contributing to bridge the gap between local communities and potential donors. Targeted people are capacitated to list down most pressing needs and consult with state and non-state actors to channelize resources for desired responses. Sukaar is also conducting major advocacy programs and events to promote basic WASH rights of targeted communities.