Social Entrepreneurship 

Keeping in view the current transition for livelihood options and opportunities Sukaar foundation has been engaged with rural communities to empower them through capacity building, provision of cash/kind grants, handicraft/tool kits, strengthen market linkages and revival of indigenous skills. Organization has a long term strategy focusing on entrepreneurship development particularly for youth and artisan women. SF believes that sustainable developed is not possible without women’s contribution. Thus SF intends to promote the entrepreneurship development through social approach. SF believes that through the induction of vocational skills among the youth and rural women enables the marginalized communities to face the future challenges, such as unemployment, lack of opportunities. It would be a key foundation for sustainable development.
SF carried out need assessment and research studies, to figure out role of enterprise development for poverty reduction and identify key elements to develop successful social venture in local context and find out the way for sustainable avenues. SF’s operational area is enrich in different handicrafts skills therefore it is important to promote this as a micro level enterprise to instill social entrepreneurship in rural communities.
Our Strategy Includes:
  • Improving livelihood and creating alternative income-generating opportunities for the socioeconomic well-being of the marginalized communities focusing on women and adolescent girls.
  • Promoting skills development for product processing, marketing, household’s level micro industry establishment.
  • Arranging and implementing vocational skills development schemes for nourishing and promoting the indigenous skills
  • Promoting savings by the members and facilitating them in accessing the social security networks including, BISP, Zakat & Usher, Bait-ul-Mal and moreover access to micro-credit schemes for the sustenance of their enterprises. The primary purpose of these linkage is to ensure the access to small loans to reduce or eliminate their dependency on traditional moneylenders and to sustain their small business.