SF Board of Directors 


Professor Dr. Ghulam Ali Jariko

Mr. Ghulam Ali Jariko Chairman BoD-SF is currently serving as a director at Sindh Development Studies Centre University of Sindh Jamshoro, while fulfilling his prime responsibilities with University of Sindh, he has been contributing in other development areas of the society. Mr. Jariko possess expertise in participatory development, socio-economics & institutional development, water resources management, disaster management & preparedness, agricultural economics, urban / rural development.


Mr. Zafarullah Khawaja is serving as an Assistant Professor with Private University at Karachi. His area of expertise is rural development. Mr. Zafarullah leads various research studies on different topics specifically covering rural development. These researches have been providing strong references and recommendations for planning and development among government strategies.


Mr. Huzoor Bux Rind an agriculture expert, philanthropist and social activist is always striving for uplifting oppressed communities. He creates the opportunities for the populace of remote rural areas for demanding their rights and participating in such avenues, where decisions are being made for them.


Ms. Hina Dastagir is a social worker and well-known figure in the field of youth empowerment. She leads youth development programs, organizes policy level debates and dialogues for enriching the youth policies, currently serving as coordinator to Chief Minister and BBSYDP. Ms. Dastagir argues for youth empowerment at national and international forums, the motto behind her entire effort is to establish employment and development openings for youth.


Mr. Sajan Charo is associated with corporate sector and utilizing his expertise in the field of petroleum and mining. While working with leading corporate sector he keeps vigilant eye on social and corporate responsibilities and find out the way to develop the area. He provides point of view and environmental assessment in local context for proper utilization of allocations comes under social responsibilities.


Mr. Aijaz Qureshi is a writer, symbol of struggle, development and planning specialist. He has been heading many Government and Non- Government organizations including SIDA, NRSP, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Chair and currently affiliated with Reform Support Unit “Education and Literacy Department” Government of Sindh.  He has passion to serve the nation and dedicated life for social development, volunteerism and literature to bring productive change in the society.