Advocacy Lobbying & Networking

Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking and influencing are important activities carry out by SF on regular basis. Policy and decision makers at district, provincial and national level are regularly informed of the successful experiences of SF and difficulties faced during the course of work with target communities. Case studies, E- Newsletter, Annual Reports, Periodical Drought Alerts, Posters, Brochures and Pamphlets are sent to disseminate information about SF-Community participatory work. Many partners are also kept abreast of SF initiatives through email system.

Networking with various organizations for learning and sharing experiences is one of the important activities of SF. Presently SF is leading the District WASH Forum, Tharparkar& a regular member & Joint Secretory of Marooara Coordination Council, Tharparkar. Lobbying and networking with networks many times helps to influence the policies and decisions of the member organizations.   SF is also sharing its work with Government organizations at district and provincial level. In this context, SF is supporting government activities in health and livestock in district Tharparkar. A public–private partnership is being discussed to collaborate with government organizations in the sphere of concerns shown by SF and community.