About Us

Sukaar Foundation, a local NGO of Tharparkar, is working in district for last 12 years. It has been actively engaged in imparting multifaceted complex projects focused on WASH, Food Security & Nutrition, Livelihood Development, WASH in schools, infrastructures development in schools including child friendly toilets, girls friendly toilets, water storage tanks, menstrual hygiene management awareness, hygiene education in schools, teachers trainings, WASH children clubs in schools, WASH forums at village level, establishing kitchen gardening, beer grafting, cash for training. Sukaar Foundation has also designed and constructed various cost effective and innovative rainwater harvesting models for school level, village level, hamlet level and household level.

Besides, the organization is very vast experience in imparting emergency relief and recovery projects. Sukaar has so far implemented multifarious interventions including response in drought, food distributions, cash for trainings, provision of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, hygiene education, school WASH, equity inclusion, rainwater harvesting initiatives and water security planning. During flooding of 2010, flash floods 2011, drought situations 2013 and 2014, Sukaar has implemented relief and recovery projects focused on provision of food items, drinking water facilities, high energy biscuits, juices, livestock fodder, medicine etc. In Thar Desert Sukaar has played leading role in introducing innovative rainwater harvesting practices, constructed various household level and communal water harvesting structures, in around 320 villages. It has worked with various international donors and UN Agencies including WFP, UNICEF, WaterAid, BIG Lottery Fund, World Bank, ADP, IDRF, Oxfam, USAID Rapid Fund, Welthungerhilfe -WHH and Government of Sindh.


We envision to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice for underprivilege masses.



SF aims to unlock human potential and deliver change in high impact areas by improving social-economic condition of underprivilege masses. We view our selves as the catalysts of human development and retain individuals and issues by executing meaningful changes.

SF has following core objectives:

  1. Empowering rural communities to obtain social, emotional, ethical, physical, and cognitive competencies and enhance their knowledge base on community development related issues in order to enhance their capacities and skills lead them to take an active role in social support mechanisms for poor friendly rural development.
  2. Creating and promoting viable small technologies for development focused on water resource development, drinking water security and improved low-cost sanitation infrastructures and technologies to uplift and sustain livelihoods for poor.
  3. Promote health/hygiene education in communities and schools, focused on women andchildren through youth volunteers, as crucial in reducing morbidity, mortality and poverty.
  4. Promote and value-add the indigenous practices in order to improve the water security, sanitation conditions, hygiene practices and precarious livelihoods among poor.
  5. Taking training, research and advocacy as a tool to influence relevant policies and procedures-focused on water, sanitation, health/hygiene education and livelihoods- in order to make these pro-poor aimed at bringing long lasting changes in lives of poor.

SF Values:

    • Concern for poor and disadvantaged community
    • Respecting culture and dignity of people
    • Human rights and good governance
    • Professionalism
    • Adaptive learning and innovation
    • Priority to young people and women
    • Gender equality & non-discrimination
    • Concern for sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene, Food, Nutrition and livelihood for poor
    • Partnership